Want to embrace your esoteric nature AND run a successful business?

Your Guide: Ariana Ayu

Author, activist, international speaker, multi-preneur, mentor, and mom, Ariana Ayu is a TRANSFORMATIONAL MYSTIC and a CATALYST for CONSCIOUS CHANGE. She started her first business in 2000, and has studied wisdom teachings from a wide variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. 

Her diverse professional and entrepreneurial background has spanned the fields of corporate finance, personal finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategy, nursing, and the healing arts. She has founded and run companies in several industries and her compassionate, no-nonsense leadership breaks complicated processes into practical, achievable steps. 
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2 Sacred Practices
(1) to start every workday in a grounded, focused manner in less than 10 minutes, and (2) to transform adversity  of any sort into opportunity.
Sacred Wealth-Building
On-demand Video Training: How to Build Wealth with Integrity and Spiritual Purpose (Even if you've spent your whole life worrying about money)
Your Esoteric Entrepreneur's™ Thrive Today Toolkit Includes:
  •  How Self-care impacts your bottom line
  •  Tools of Intention: Rituals, Ceremonies, & Altars 
  •  Weekday Morning Centering Ritual
  •  Fire Ceremony to Turn Adversity into Opportunity
  •  Understanding Your Elemental Nature
  •  Using the Elements to Support Your Business
  •  The Celtic Wheel of the Year
  •  Wheel of the Year Business Planner
  •  Optimizing Yourself for Success
  •  Neuroscience and Productivity
  •  Earthing Your Business
  •  Onward and Upward
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